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How To Use Zemanta for link building with WordPress

I may seem to blog about the obvious but i actually use the gathered material  myself so i like to have it all in one place easy to find and use.

I read a text a few days ago who talks about  “Link building for SEO: The Truth Revealed 09/24/09 ” . After that i know why my Google Adwords Campaign failed after a few weeks and by account being suspended until i improve my website.

As you know Google Adwords its the best Pay Per Click Search Engines on the market .You create ads you pay for their ads and hope for them to be displayed on the first page which bring you the most numbers of visitors.

After said that as any website you’re first goal its to be well-ranked by Google and generally by all the search engines. The more your rank is high the more you’re website become popular. The task is hard to attain but link building its one solution among others.

This where after a few hours of research i found the plugin ZEMANTA . The purpose of this plugin its to be abble to add manually link with ofthers websites. Its not a guarantee to be rapidly well-ranked by google but when you add one system to be well-ranked after another one you website will become known.

You have to remember :


This plugin is avaible for:

CMS : WordPress, Drupal,  Joomla, MovableType

Browsers extenstion for Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari

As Bookmarklet for any browser

For others platform to  Live Writer

If you use wordpress like me you can install it directly via the plugins sections of wordpres but its make no difference if you decide to choose another way to install Zemanta. I don’t think its difficult.



After the activation  of this plugin  you can see a content recommandation widget on any post or pages create or not on you’re right. Remember the content change according the content  you’re typing in the post.

So click update and see the change.

This widget allow you according the content of you’re post to add any video or related articles wherever you like in yours posts. These adds come from differents websites which allow you to create back link from others websites.

Its not automatic but the i prefer to choose what i want to see in my posts. I think you too. So click on the link  REFINE. Its a search form for any kind of subjets.

Its easier to add any video, images or any articles in any part of your post . You click and the image or articles are added. Easy No!t

There are many features in this plugin so if you want to know more about this plugin i urge you to visit the website http://www.zemanta.com IT’S FREE


Google Traffic Pump 2-Formatting Keywords into Traffic Pumping Questions



For each keyword term in your final keyword list, create a question that includes the keyword phrase. Try and put yourself in the position of someone who is a potential customer for your product or service and think about the logical questions they might ask that could be answered by your product or service.

This is very easy and doesn’t require any extravagant combinations of special words, simply use common sense.

Continuing with our “Free Web Traffic” niche, this is how you can transform that keyword phrase into a question:

“How do I get free web traffic?”

In most cases, this system will work best is you include the question mark and also put the double-quotes around the question. This will work better in the Google Alerts section when you need to search for the EXACT match for your questions (more on this later).

To build a longer list and increase the volume of leads you receive, create variations of each question. Continuing the above example, you could try:

• “How can I get free web traffic?”

• “Where can I get free web traffic?”

• “An easy way to get free web traffic?”

• “What’s the fastest way to get free web traffic?”

Do this for every keyword in your list.

TIP – How to speed up the question building process

You can use the RevenueWire keyword manager software to wrap your keywords with common questions. Here is how to do it:THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 30

Open the software and go to the “Wrap” tab. Then select the 4th “Wrap With:” checkbox from the top. Then enter “how can I get” with the double-quote and enter “?” into the second box and finally click the “Wrap” button.

This will instantly add the phrase “how can I get” to the beginning of each keyword term.

Continue doing this with several other variations to build your list of keyword rich questions.



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As hard as it may be to believe, five minutes after reading this document you could have exactly that. This deceptively simple system that I’m about to reveal, utilizes free Google tools that do all the work while you reap all the benefits.         

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But for it to work for you, you must read every page  and then take the appropriate action, for if you take the proper action, you will get free targeted traffic to your website.

I have provided several sections and resources that will not only help pump traffic to your website, but will also boost your sales big time. Some of these methods may require a small start-up fee. I would strongly suggest you wait on those until you have the money to pay for them. Start out with the FREE ones. When you start making good money, you can go after the paid ones.

Without further ado … let’s get started.

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