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My “Secret” Checklist:3 Ways To Start Marketing Yourself (Or Your Opportunity) Online…

My “Secret” Checklist:
3 Ways To Start Marketing Yourself (Or Your Opportunity) Online…
TODAY, I wanted to get down to “brass tacks” and discuss the fine print. I wanted to give you a few simple steps so you could start marketing yourself online. (If you’re not marketing yourself online already.)

You see, I have a relative who recently “discovered” me online. Unlike most people who market themselves online, I try to keep out of the headlines. Why?

Because I really don’t really want to be a celebrity or a guru. I just like to do what I do.
(Somebody once asked me what I would do if I inherited a small fortune and I said that I would keep doing what I do. I love it!) Anyway…

This relative “discovered” what I do online and he wanted to know how he could build a second income stream for himself because he has a job that gives him plenty of spare time to surf the Internet and bills which are starting to strangle him.

He figured he might as well use his spare time to pay those bills.

Knowing full well that Internet Marketing is a minefield for rookies. I wanted to make sure that he didn’t waste his time on junk or invest in garbage. So I gave him my own personal “checklist” of what it really takes to make it online:

My Own Personal Checklist For Marketing Online:

1) Traffic: You must be able to  get web traffic to your website or sales message. This can be as simple as paying for ad-space online or as complicated as becoming a Search Engine Marketing genius, or Pay-Per-Click professional.

2) Conversion: You must be able to convert that web traffic in actual sales or cash. This can be as simple as a five minute video that explains your opportunity or as complicated as a 47+ page sales letter written by a pro copywriter.

3) Product: You must have something to sell! This can be as simple as presenting your opportunity, a written report that reveals the secrets of recruiting “belly-to-belly”, or as complicated as a full-fledged video training course on DVD.

In short, you need: 1) People to visit your simple message 2) A simple sales message that works 3) A product that delivers. That’s it, that’s all.

That being said, “hands down”, the fastest way to start marketing yourself online is to start offering a product you love to people you already know.

That’s really easy to do if that product has an affiliate marketing program like most of the Magnetic Sponsoring products do. You simply sign-in to your product’s back office and register to become an affiliate. You get a link to sell the products you love to the people your are helping on a daily basis.You get paid.

These people can be the men and women in your downline or your readers if you have a website or blog that you update regularly — it’s really up to you!

The idea of offering a product while you are advertising your opportunity or sponsoring new reps is what is known as a “funded proposal”. It’s called a funded proposal because when it’s done right your advertising will quite literally pay for itself…

It may even become your primary source of income over the years. In fact, I’ve known networkers who have stepped out of networking because they have had so much success with selling their own products.

Not saying that’s the best way to go. I prefer the idea of having multiple streams of income and I wouldn’t stop doing anything that was profitable to do.

But it’s definitely something to think about if you’re not where you want to be.

If you would like to learn more about marketing yourself or your opportunity online then I strongly urge you to get yourself a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring…

If you haven’t got yourself a copy already…

Taken from Magnetic Sponsoring email

Use Facebook for Business

How To Turn Your Facebook Profile Into A Fan Or Business Page

Steve Kovach | Mar. 31, 2011, 10:28 AM | 1,161 | 1 

The difference between a Facebook profile page and a fan or business page can be a bit tricky for some. (We’ve seen people confuse this before).

If you want to convert your personal profile to a fan page, All Facebook discovered a new tool that makes it super easy. Plus all your Facebook friends will transfer over as fans, so you won’t be starting your new page from scratch.

To make the switch, just log in to Facebook and click here. Next, select the type of page you want your profile turned into such as a local business, brand, or public figure. It’s that easy. Here’s what it looks like:

convert facebook profile to page

Image: Screenshot


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Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/turn-facebook-profile-into-fan-page-2011-3#ixzz1JFwUGzOU

“It’s a Way to Liberate Yourself

“It’s a Way to Liberate Yourself
From the ‘Daily Grind’ or                                                                                                                                  
Weekly Rat Race…

It’s easy to label yourself, your business, or your company…
But Netw*rk Marketing  is more than an “industry“, a “category”, or even a “business model” — it’s a way of life!

It’s a way to build your ideal life… your dream life…

It’s a way to liberate yourself from the daily grind… the weekly rat race…

The endless bills, debts, loans….

The calls from creditors…
(If you’re really unlucky!)

The hassles of the regular, pointless, nine to five, “gotta pay those bills” and save, save, save, “for a rainy day” when it’s already raining…J.O.B.

It’s a way to build a life… or a new life…

Naturally, I would like to believe that our business is responsible for liberating more people from the slavery and drudgery of monotonous daily subsistence than any other category of business.

But whether that’s true or not, one thing is for sure…

This industry breeds great business people, great leaders….

They’re some of the roughest, toughest, most enthusiastic entrepreneurs I have met in my entire life…

Because this is more than an “industry”, a “category”, or a business model”…

It’s a way to build a better life… to build a better leader…and…

When you build a better leader…

You build a better world…

You Can Start  Attracting  Leads The
Same Day Your Report  Arrives…
Forget about paying for leads! When you learn how to generate your own leads online (without paying for web traffic) with these 5 little-known but “brain dead” simple strategies you will never have to buy leads again unless you want to…

Finally, you’ll be able to generate leads and build your business on a budget…
Tip of The Day:
The Success System That Never Fails
By W. Clement Stone
Wouldn’t it be great to have a “Success System” that never fails?

Have you read Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill? Well, if you’ve read Think and Grow Rich then why not learn from the man who HIRED Napoleon Hill when he went broke! Yes, W. Clement Stone is the man who employed  the “greatest” success guru who has ever lived.

If you’re a student of Think and Grow Rich like I am then you will undoubtedly enjoy this little-known book by one of the world’s most successful salesmen…

I would call it a “working man’s” version of Think and Grow Rich…

Believe in Yourself

There is an awful lot that we all have in common…

If you’re in business for yourself…

One of those things we all have in common is numbers…

No matter how you build your business…

Whether it’s by shaking hands, word of mouth, picking up that phone every day, or “driving” web traffic through a complex “marketing funnel”…

It all comes down to numbers…

Which can be vastly improved by improving your marketing skills…

It doesn’t matter what your “comp plan” is: unilevel, matrix, or binary. How “cutting edge” your products are. Or even if you got in on the “ground floor”. Those are just the details. (Important ones, but still details!)

The fact is that good direct marketing and personal branding skills will help you attract more distributors and dramatically boost your income potential no matter what opportunity you are pursuing now.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the most successful people in this industry are phenomenal marketers

But unfortunately, not all of us are “naturals” like that…

Instead we must invest to learn from the best…

We have to invest in ourselves… in our brains… in knowledge…

The road map is there for us to follow…

We just have to follow…
Never hesitate to invest in yourself…

(That’s what I do.)

It always pays the best interest…

The “Dumb” Things We Do
To Attract Prospects…
   You ALREADY know that cold-calling leads, harassing family members, and stalking strangers at coffee shops is definitely NOT going to work.

   On the other hand, this direct marketing specialist has trained over 100,000 students around the world — including some of the most successful leaders in our industry. He has trained CEO’s, real-estate investors, and even Internet marketing “gurus”.
   If you’re sick of handing-out flyers like parking tickets, tricking people into showing up for house “parties”, or pasting silly bumper stickers on your car…
   Then you might want to check this out today… http://moneymakescents.com/thankyou?v=91327196
Tip of The Day:
Project Time Management Made
Ridiculously Simple!
Have you ever wondered how to estimate the how many minutes or hours it will take to complete a particularly large project?

There’s a simple rule of thumb that I keep in mind whenever I try to figure out how long it’s going to take to do anything. It sounds a little ridiculous but I’m constantly amazed by how accurate it is:

    1) You make a good guess of how long it’s going to take.
    2) Then you take that number and multiply it by at least 3.

If it takes you longer than 3 times your “guess” then you’re obviously way off or wasting a lot of time somewhere.

If it takes less time then give yourself a pat on the pack. (Yup, this tip might sound a little ridiculous but you will be amazed by how accurate it can be!)

How To Spot A Home Business Scam

have a question about your email about home based businesses that
lie.  What are some ways to spot them other than by doing the
obvious research, asking around, etc?”

That’s an excellent question.

One way to know is by their integrity.

Do they have any?

And, more importantly, can they demonstrate it?

For example, back in 1994 a book was published called, “Built To
Last: Successful Habits Of Visionary Companies.”  It’s a
fascinating read, too.  But one thing that stuck out to the authors
(who studied a bunch of big, long-lasting companies to see the
secrets of their success) was the integrity factor.

Basically, the companies that last aren’t profits-first.

They are “honor first.”

In other words, they will happily grow more slowly, forgo big
opportunity (that would equal big profits) and walk away from deals
if everything doesn’t conform to their high standards of ethics.

They won’t get in bed with corrupt partners.

Won’t compromise their integrity.

And won’t do anything that puts their values in question.

The result?

These businesses have lasted and thrived for decades (and in a few
cases over 100 years).

And here’s the good news:

It’s not hard to figure out the home based business opportunities
that do this if you read through their sites, listen to their
founders speak, and eavesdrop on what others say (online, etc)
about them.

It will be obvious.

And just observing like this will save you a TON of time and money.

That’s why CCPRO– http://moneymakescents.com/thankyou?v=91327196
— qualifies new members.

It’s why we don’t let “just anyone” in.

And it’s why we go out of our way to SHOW you we mean business, and
not just “say” we do.

We’re in this for the long haul.

Short term profits are fine, but we want to leave a legacy.

To change lives.

And make our “mark” on the world.

To see if you qualify to join CarbonCopyPRO, go to:


Jay Kubassek
World leader in home business
training & development

Using emails to generate business

AWesome Emails: Rita’s Water Ice

Posted by Rebecca Swayze


They say the fastest way to a man’s heart is his stomach, but around AWeber it’s more like the fastest way to make friends with one of the many ladies in the office.

Bring Kelly a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato and she’ll be your friend for a week. Have leftovers from last night’s dinner for lunch? If you don’t give Erin a taste, you’re in serious trouble.

Our love of food has helped us stumble upon excellent email marketing campaigns before (hello, we realized that California Tortilla’s emails rock while eating lunch there!). This time the awesome emails come from Rita’s – the best water ice that just happens to be 3 minutes from our office.

Read on to see how exclusivity, charitable causes and involvement in social media sets Rita’s apart from other water ice chains, and how you can do the same with your campaign.

Their Messages are Exclusive

When you sign up for emails on the Rita’s website, you’re not just signing up to a boring, humdrum email list that sends out random company updates. Instead, Rita’s makes their emails enticing by turning them into an exclusive birthday club.

As promised on their sign up form, subscribers receive offers year round, a special birthday treat and the latest scoop on Rita’s, plus a coupon just for joining:

Take Note with Your Own Campaign:

  • Make your messages exclusive. Use personalization to address subscribers by name and inspire instant recognition. Then, create a defined campaign that focuses on something trackable, like birthdays or anniversaries to excite new subscribers and keep them coming back for more.
  • They Embrace Charity

    Throughout the year, Rita’s supports a variety of causes and encourages their email subscribers to do the same. When you’re on the Rita’s email list, you aren’t just a member of an elite club of water ice aficionados. You actually have the opportunity to help charities and give back to the community.

    If you are sending email marketing messages, you have permission to contact every person on your list. Why not use that opportunity to make a difference?

    Take Note with Your Own Campaign:

  • Ask your readers to give back. Work on creating a responsible community of email subscribers. Your cause doesn’t have to be as large as Alex’s Lemonade stand, you just have to convey your passion and inspire your readers to contribute to a worthy cause.
  • They Get Facebook and Use Email to Promote It

    In 2010, 54% of online marketers in North America surveyed said that combining social media with their email marketing led to better results.

    Yet, lots of email marketers remain confused as to how to integrate their email campaigns with social media. They know it’s important to connect socially with their subscribers, but they aren’t quite sure how yet.

    Rita’s is one of the companies that is doing it well. They embrace Facebook, and use the social media platform to run contests and engage fans. Once their contests are up on Facebook, they announce them via email: