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How To Use Zemanta for link building with WordPress

I may seem to blog about the obvious but i actually use the gathered material  myself so i like to have it all in one place easy to find and use.

I read a text a few days ago who talks about  “Link building for SEO: The Truth Revealed 09/24/09 ” . After that i know why my Google Adwords Campaign failed after a few weeks and by account being suspended until i improve my website.

As you know Google Adwords its the best Pay Per Click Search Engines on the market .You create ads you pay for their ads and hope for them to be displayed on the first page which bring you the most numbers of visitors.

After said that as any website you’re first goal its to be well-ranked by Google and generally by all the search engines. The more your rank is high the more you’re website become popular. The task is hard to attain but link building its one solution among others.

This where after a few hours of research i found the plugin ZEMANTA . The purpose of this plugin its to be abble to add manually link with ofthers websites. Its not a guarantee to be rapidly well-ranked by google but when you add one system to be well-ranked after another one you website will become known.

You have to remember :


This plugin is avaible for:

CMS : WordPress, Drupal,  Joomla, MovableType

Browsers extenstion for Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari

As Bookmarklet for any browser

For others platform to  Live Writer

If you use wordpress like me you can install it directly via the plugins sections of wordpres but its make no difference if you decide to choose another way to install Zemanta. I don’t think its difficult.



After the activation  of this plugin  you can see a content recommandation widget on any post or pages create or not on you’re right. Remember the content change according the content  you’re typing in the post.

So click update and see the change.

This widget allow you according the content of you’re post to add any video or related articles wherever you like in yours posts. These adds come from differents websites which allow you to create back link from others websites.

Its not automatic but the i prefer to choose what i want to see in my posts. I think you too. So click on the link  REFINE. Its a search form for any kind of subjets.

Its easier to add any video, images or any articles in any part of your post . You click and the image or articles are added. Easy No!t

There are many features in this plugin so if you want to know more about this plugin i urge you to visit the website http://www.zemanta.com IT’S FREE


Will Facebook partner with Baidu to enter China?

The internets are ablaze tonight with a blockbuster rumor: Facebook will enter China. Luckily Facebook registered the domain name Facebook.cn in 2007, so it will not befall the same cruel fate that Groupon China faces with a Chinese clone at Groupon.cn.

Marbridge Consulting reports:

According to a microblog post by Hu Yanping, founder of Beijing-based market research firm Data Center of the China Internet (DCCI), Facebook has signed an official contract with a local Chinese Internet company to build a new social networking website in China. Hu added that the new website would not be integrated with Facebook.com.

Supreme China internet watcher Bill Bishop tweets:

hu yanping founded china net researcher dcci, may have inside info, has 450k weibo followers, “facebook has china deal” news spreading fast

Hu Yanping was the first to break the news about Google’s pullout from China last year so he’s a well-regarded source in the tech industry.

In his weibo post (screenshot aboveHu Yanping names “some company,” rather than Baidu specifically. My translation of his weibo:

Facebook is really on the eve of entering China, the contract has been signed, with some Chinese partner who will build the new site according to some model, but which will not completely connect to Facebook.com. Is Facebook doomed to die in China? [Note: The last bit plays on an unofficial transliteration of Facebook’s name into Chinese: “doomed to die.”]

But Marbridge continues:

Editor’s Note: Multiple industry sources have revealed to Marbridge that online search giant Baidu (Nasdaq: BIDU) is the “local Chinese Internet company” that will be working with Facebook and operating the new SNS website in China. In mid-February it was rumored that Baidu’s top management had visited Facebook’s headquarters in Silicon Valley (see “Rumor: Baidu Visits Facebook in Silicon Valley,” MD 2/18/11 issue.)

The partner will NOT be Sina, contrary to popular speculation. Bill Bishop tweets:

Hu Yanping just replied 2 me on weibo that alleged Facebook China JV partner is NOT Sina $sina..wonder if rumors yesterday popped Sina $6?


if facebook china jv rumor true, likely partners are alibaba, china mobile, sohu, baidu. china mobile might be an inspired choice

If you’ve read my previous pieces including Why Mark Zuckerberg Came to China and Why Facebook Will Not, you know this news would come as a shock to me! If true, Forbes’ Gady Epstein was clearly on the money when he wrote, Will Facebook Follow Zuckerberg To China? Inevitably.

Baidu is China’s largest search engine with ungodly amounts of search traffic (iResearch says Baidu has 84% market share) and web portal (Baidu Tieba or Post Bar). It also recently surpassed Tencent in market cap to become China’s most valuable internet company at almost $50 billion. That’s only slightly behind Facebook’s most recent valuations based on funding.

Yet like Google, Baidu has been unable to execute a successful social network or microblog to-date. Hello Facebook, welcome to China.