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How To Spot A Home Business Scam

have a question about your email about home based businesses that
lie.  What are some ways to spot them other than by doing the
obvious research, asking around, etc?”

That’s an excellent question.

One way to know is by their integrity.

Do they have any?

And, more importantly, can they demonstrate it?

For example, back in 1994 a book was published called, “Built To
Last: Successful Habits Of Visionary Companies.”  It’s a
fascinating read, too.  But one thing that stuck out to the authors
(who studied a bunch of big, long-lasting companies to see the
secrets of their success) was the integrity factor.

Basically, the companies that last aren’t profits-first.

They are “honor first.”

In other words, they will happily grow more slowly, forgo big
opportunity (that would equal big profits) and walk away from deals
if everything doesn’t conform to their high standards of ethics.

They won’t get in bed with corrupt partners.

Won’t compromise their integrity.

And won’t do anything that puts their values in question.

The result?

These businesses have lasted and thrived for decades (and in a few
cases over 100 years).

And here’s the good news:

It’s not hard to figure out the home based business opportunities
that do this if you read through their sites, listen to their
founders speak, and eavesdrop on what others say (online, etc)
about them.

It will be obvious.

And just observing like this will save you a TON of time and money.

That’s why CCPRO– http://moneymakescents.com/thankyou?v=91327196
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It’s why we don’t let “just anyone” in.

And it’s why we go out of our way to SHOW you we mean business, and
not just “say” we do.

We’re in this for the long haul.

Short term profits are fine, but we want to leave a legacy.

To change lives.

And make our “mark” on the world.

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