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QQ: The MSN killer that’s made in China

QQ: The MSN killer that’s made in China

By Tom Clarke

Every now and then, you come across a piece of software that genuinely surprises. Normally, the thing that surprises us about such pieces of software is what it does: features and functionalities. QQ Messenger doesn’t really do anything new. It doesn’t contain any particularly ground breaking features. It’s an instant messaging client. What’s surprising about QQ is that its network has over 1 billion registered accounts… and unless you’re in contact with China, you probably never heard of it.


Depending on who you believe, QQ is either the #1 or the #3 most popular instant messaging client on the internet. It’s published by QQ.com, which in turn has an Alexa rank of 11. And yes, the fact that this is such a popular app is what makes it so important.

Apart from the fairly generic functions that you’d expect in any IM client, QQ does pack a few features which you won’t find in either Yahoo’s or Microsoft’s offerings. For example: QQ allows you to resume an interrupted download when you’re sharing files with friends. That may not sound particularly exciting but if you consider the stability of networks in parts of China and plenty of other countries, you’ll see that it’s actually essential. Another cool feature included with QQ is a nifty little screen grab tool which you can use while chatting. It even lets you make small screencasts: great for anyone who’s constantly helping friends out with their PCs.


But does that make QQ an MSN killer? Well the answer is: possibly. QQ is already a better designed and more up-to-date client than MSN. What QQ needs is a way to convince Messenger users to jump ship. One way this could be done would be by interacting with the MSN network: I don’t think that would work. But some promotion on American and European websites could well have a major impact.

You can download QQ Messenger from Softonic here, and don’t forget to check out our QQ review, too!



  • Shaan Shaan

    Generally Chinese people see QQ as a chat tool for school friends, while MSN is for work. I suppose the cutesiness of QQ lends itself to that market.

    • Sent on 17 Nov 2009
  • gphilip gphilip

    Well, in other countries MSN is either a school firend’s pick. I know countries, where Skype is “the” business IM, and MSN is for young ones.

    • Sent on 17 Nov 2009
  • Garwood Garwood

    God never made a fish with fins until He made an ocean for it to swim in God never made a bird until He made a sky for it to fly in & God never put the longings of immortality in a soul until He made a Heaven to satisfy these longings.

    • Sent on 09 Apr 2010
  • Are you on QQ? | Qingdao China | QINGDAO(nese) Are you on QQ
    ? | Qingdao

    […] web in terms of traffic rank, and number 2 in China just after Baidu. QQ has been called “The MSN killer that’s made in China“, and with good […]

    • Sent on 14 Jun 2010
  • someone in china someone in ch

    1. well from my experience , i have MSN and QQ, and i am living in china. qq is nottttttttttttttttttt in comparison with MSN. MSN is way much better. i use qq just for Chinese friends. when i use qq i never feel that it is mine. i just feel it is somebody’s else. if i wanna change my password or update any account information it is just a headache . either to ask qq people to confirm this personal change and they should ask confirmation of somebody’s else, and then they decide if i can change or not, comon what a shittttttttt, i feel exposed to qq people also to the people that can add me and search for me without any permission, so do u guys still fall into qq, it is just a crap, recently i retrieved MSN account which i totally forget the password and i didn’t use it for over than 1 year, just to use my alternative email. u seeeeeee i had enough form qq crap and i will never choose it over MSN. ((((The MSN killer that’s made in China))))) hahahaha what a jock , people’s patience killer i believe

    • Sent on 02 Sep 2010
  • Ben in China Ben in China

    I have been in China for 5 years and I use QQ extensively. It got popular at the right time and now is the standard here. Any chinese with a foreign friend probably also has an MSN account, but QQ is here to stay. It is also produced by a Chinese company. Even if the product isn’t superior, being Chinese in the Chinese market goes a long way. I also use my QQ space as an English learning playground. My university students enjoy it.http://user.qzone.qq.com/806879415 Recently I read about MSN live spaces being QQ convertible… was there a take over that I missed out on?

    • Sent on 17 Oct 2010
  • somebody somebody

    i feel that QQ is very good as a chat tool, because of it’s convenience to find your friends, similarly, you can also use that your QQ space to share your photo or journal for you friends,so i choose QQ as myself chat tool in other chat tools.

    • Sent on 31 Mar 2011

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