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How To Use Zemanta for link building with WordPress

I may seem to blog about the obvious but i actually use the gathered material  myself so i like to have it all in one place easy to find and use.

I read a text a few days ago who talks about  “Link building for SEO: The Truth Revealed 09/24/09 ” . After that i know why my Google Adwords Campaign failed after a few weeks and by account being suspended until i improve my website.

As you know Google Adwords its the best Pay Per Click Search Engines on the market .You create ads you pay for their ads and hope for them to be displayed on the first page which bring you the most numbers of visitors.

After said that as any website you’re first goal its to be well-ranked by Google and generally by all the search engines. The more your rank is high the more you’re website become popular. The task is hard to attain but link building its one solution among others.

This where after a few hours of research i found the plugin ZEMANTA . The purpose of this plugin its to be abble to add manually link with ofthers websites. Its not a guarantee to be rapidly well-ranked by google but when you add one system to be well-ranked after another one you website will become known.

You have to remember :


This plugin is avaible for:

CMS : WordPress, Drupal,  Joomla, MovableType

Browsers extenstion for Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari

As Bookmarklet for any browser

For others platform to  Live Writer

If you use wordpress like me you can install it directly via the plugins sections of wordpres but its make no difference if you decide to choose another way to install Zemanta. I don’t think its difficult.



After the activation  of this plugin  you can see a content recommandation widget on any post or pages create or not on you’re right. Remember the content change according the content  you’re typing in the post.

So click update and see the change.

This widget allow you according the content of you’re post to add any video or related articles wherever you like in yours posts. These adds come from differents websites which allow you to create back link from others websites.

Its not automatic but the i prefer to choose what i want to see in my posts. I think you too. So click on the link  REFINE. Its a search form for any kind of subjets.

Its easier to add any video, images or any articles in any part of your post . You click and the image or articles are added. Easy No!t

There are many features in this plugin so if you want to know more about this plugin i urge you to visit the website IT’S FREE


Google Traffic Pump4Setting Up Your Google Alerts Traffic Pump

 Finally Revealed Secret Method Pumps Laser Targeted Leads And Massive Inbound Links To Your Website – Even Within 15 Minutes


This step is actually the final step to start getting new lead information into your Gmail account. But some additional work is required to really get your traffic pump flowing.


Go to the free Google Alerts page here:


If the above link doesn’t work, simply go to and type in “Google Alerts” to quickly find the link.


Create an individual Google Alert for each question in your keyword list. Set your new Gmail email address as the destination for the notifications.


Make sure to insert the entire question including the double-quotes and question mark as shown in the image below.


Also, if you want to start getting lead information immediately, then select the “as-it-happens” option from the “How often” drop-down textbox. I usually select the “once a day” option because I find it easier to check the results only once or twice per week. That’s just because I am a little lazy (LOL).THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 33


NOW, within 15 minutes you will have brand new leads for your business.


You might have already figured it out by now, but let’s take a moment to understand why this simple system works very well.


The Google Alerts tool will send you notification when it locates a page in its massive index that contains the keyword phrase you specified for each Google Alert.


This is why the use of double-quotes and question marks was so important; it ensures you only receive notifications for pages that contain the exact words in the exact order given.


Here is an image of several alerts to show you how the entire process is done:


The key to this system is to find leads that are specifically looking for a solution to their problem. These are problems that your product will solve.


In the next step, you will need to siphon those valuable leads directly to your site and deliver your content to your new potential customers.


This system works very well because you are funnelling targeted leads that are looking for the exact solutions you are offering.


Although some of the alerts you receive will be unsuitable, many of the notifications will be for blog posts, forum posts, and Yahoo Answers, where people will be asking the exact questions that your product can answer.THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 34


And that’s where the REAL magic begins. You are now siphoning super-targeted leads, free of charge, using a system that takes just minutes to create, and even less time to duplicate.


In addition to checking your Gmail account for new lead alerts, you can go out and find new discussions with a very powerful search site called Omgili, here is the link:


A great feature about this service is they return recent discussions in not only forums, but on Twitter and blog posts.


Check out an example for the keyword targeted question:


“How can I get more traffic?”


In the image shown below, you will see several potential leads from popular online forums and discussion groups as well as recent tweet activity on Twitter. THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 35


These are great places to follow up and funnel highly targeted traffic to your sites or services.


While you are waiting for Google Alerts to come in, you can move ahead and enter each question into the Omgili search tool to start pumping new potential paying customers into your sites.


Let’s move on to the next step where you need to start getting these laser-targeted leads to visit your website.


My “Secret” Checklist:3 Ways To Start Marketing Yourself (Or Your Opportunity) Online…

My “Secret” Checklist:
3 Ways To Start Marketing Yourself (Or Your Opportunity) Online…
TODAY, I wanted to get down to “brass tacks” and discuss the fine print. I wanted to give you a few simple steps so you could start marketing yourself online. (If you’re not marketing yourself online already.)

You see, I have a relative who recently “discovered” me online. Unlike most people who market themselves online, I try to keep out of the headlines. Why?

Because I really don’t really want to be a celebrity or a guru. I just like to do what I do.
(Somebody once asked me what I would do if I inherited a small fortune and I said that I would keep doing what I do. I love it!) Anyway…

This relative “discovered” what I do online and he wanted to know how he could build a second income stream for himself because he has a job that gives him plenty of spare time to surf the Internet and bills which are starting to strangle him.

He figured he might as well use his spare time to pay those bills.

Knowing full well that Internet Marketing is a minefield for rookies. I wanted to make sure that he didn’t waste his time on junk or invest in garbage. So I gave him my own personal “checklist” of what it really takes to make it online:

My Own Personal Checklist For Marketing Online:

1) Traffic: You must be able to  get web traffic to your website or sales message. This can be as simple as paying for ad-space online or as complicated as becoming a Search Engine Marketing genius, or Pay-Per-Click professional.

2) Conversion: You must be able to convert that web traffic in actual sales or cash. This can be as simple as a five minute video that explains your opportunity or as complicated as a 47+ page sales letter written by a pro copywriter.

3) Product: You must have something to sell! This can be as simple as presenting your opportunity, a written report that reveals the secrets of recruiting “belly-to-belly”, or as complicated as a full-fledged video training course on DVD.

In short, you need: 1) People to visit your simple message 2) A simple sales message that works 3) A product that delivers. That’s it, that’s all.

That being said, “hands down”, the fastest way to start marketing yourself online is to start offering a product you love to people you already know.

That’s really easy to do if that product has an affiliate marketing program like most of the Magnetic Sponsoring products do. You simply sign-in to your product’s back office and register to become an affiliate. You get a link to sell the products you love to the people your are helping on a daily basis.You get paid.

These people can be the men and women in your downline or your readers if you have a website or blog that you update regularly — it’s really up to you!

The idea of offering a product while you are advertising your opportunity or sponsoring new reps is what is known as a “funded proposal”. It’s called a funded proposal because when it’s done right your advertising will quite literally pay for itself…

It may even become your primary source of income over the years. In fact, I’ve known networkers who have stepped out of networking because they have had so much success with selling their own products.

Not saying that’s the best way to go. I prefer the idea of having multiple streams of income and I wouldn’t stop doing anything that was profitable to do.

But it’s definitely something to think about if you’re not where you want to be.

If you would like to learn more about marketing yourself or your opportunity online then I strongly urge you to get yourself a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring…

If you haven’t got yourself a copy already…

Taken from Magnetic Sponsoring email

Google Traffic Pump 2-Formatting Keywords into Traffic Pumping Questions



For each keyword term in your final keyword list, create a question that includes the keyword phrase. Try and put yourself in the position of someone who is a potential customer for your product or service and think about the logical questions they might ask that could be answered by your product or service.

This is very easy and doesn’t require any extravagant combinations of special words, simply use common sense.

Continuing with our “Free Web Traffic” niche, this is how you can transform that keyword phrase into a question:

“How do I get free web traffic?”

In most cases, this system will work best is you include the question mark and also put the double-quotes around the question. This will work better in the Google Alerts section when you need to search for the EXACT match for your questions (more on this later).

To build a longer list and increase the volume of leads you receive, create variations of each question. Continuing the above example, you could try:

• “How can I get free web traffic?”

• “Where can I get free web traffic?”

• “An easy way to get free web traffic?”

• “What’s the fastest way to get free web traffic?”

Do this for every keyword in your list.

TIP – How to speed up the question building process

You can use the RevenueWire keyword manager software to wrap your keywords with common questions. Here is how to do it:THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 30

Open the software and go to the “Wrap” tab. Then select the 4th “Wrap With:” checkbox from the top. Then enter “how can I get” with the double-quote and enter “?” into the second box and finally click the “Wrap” button.

This will instantly add the phrase “how can I get” to the beginning of each keyword term.

Continue doing this with several other variations to build your list of keyword rich questions.

Google Traffic Pump Free System 1-Keywords

 The first step of the Google Traffic Pump System is to create a set of highly targeted keywords and phrases that describe your products and/or services exactly and that is in your niche.            

           What if you don’t have a product or service?If you happen to be someone without your own product or you provide a service as part of a company, and you have no idea what to promote or even how to get started looking for keywords, there is a FREE tool that Google provides that will help you find the right kind of keywords. In fact, by using this FREE tool, you may uncover ideas for products that may just fit in with your niche.

If the above link doesn’t work, simply go to and type in “Google Search-Based Keyword Tool” to quickly find the link.

If you don’t have any ideas for keywords in your head, take the quick way out by going to the Google Search-Based keyword tool page and click the “Or see top keywords across all categories” link located at the bottom of the page.

In the image below you can see the keyword tool page I spoke about above:THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 7

Let’s say you decide to click the link that has a red circle around it in the image above. On the next screen you will see a list of categories on the left-hand side of the page. If you rather, type in a keyword to see the top search keyword phrases that appear for each category. Try to identify a possible product or niche idea from these keywords.

Keep in mind this tool does not provide pay-per-click strategies to get traffic. So if you are looking for special keywords for PPC, you will have to consider those keywords that have high competition and/or high suggested bid cost.

As you use this free tool to look up keywords, remember you are not collecting these keywords to build a keyword list to purchase traffic. That is not your aim. Your main purpose is to find a list of keywords to pump traffic and leads through the Google Alerts system. If you are not sure what I mean here, don’t worry. I’ll cover that in detail later. THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 8

Basically, just find keywords that advertisers are spending a lot of cash to buy traffic from. In essence, you are leveraging other advertiser’s hard work.

When using the free keyword search tool, there are two quick methods that can help you uncover potentially hot products or services to promote:

The Category Method 
For example, at the time of writing this document, I took a screenshot to show the results I got when clicking the “Apparel” category:

Simply click one of the categories listed on the left-hand side to see all the top searched keywords. By looking at the image, you can see there were 440,000 monthly searches for the keyword phrase “Wedding Dresses.” Obviously, this can prove to be THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 9

a hot market. If you like it, make a note of it. Besides being a hot market, it is also very competitive, as such the suggested bid price is fairly high.

So, how can you monetize the “Wedding Dress” niche?

One way is to find sites that sell wedding dresses. Once you’ve done that, determine which site contains an affiliate program you can join free, and promote their product(s) to earn a commission.

A very simply way to find an affiliate program for a wedding dress site is to search Google for the exact search phrase, including the double-quotes: “wedding dresses” affiliate program.

Then Google will return related sites that contain the exact words “wedding dresses” and the words “affiliate” or “program”.

Here is a screenshot:

As shown in the above image, there are several affiliate programs you can join to promote wedding dresses. Simply join one or several. Once you join, THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 10

you will be sent your special affiliate link. Use this link in your promotions as will be explained later in this e-book.

Another great way to find related affiliate programs is to search through affiliate networks such as:

Doing a quick search inside the Commission Junction network I was able to retrieve over 500 related products to promote.

Another option is to promote digital products related to the wedding niche in general.

One great affiliate network many top super-affiliates use to make thousands of dollars each and every day is the Marketplace. The ClickBank network only promotes digital products such as e-books, videos, software, and audios, to name a few. The big advantage to selling on ClickBank is the HIGH commission payouts offered by many product vendors.

Doing a quick search on the ClickBank Market place, you will immediately see several products you can promote that offer high commission rates.

Take a look at the image on the next page:THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 11

While looking at the image, take a look at the first product listed. You will see a black circle around it. The product will be known as “All Types of Wedding Speeches.” Take a look at the commissions. They are offering a WHOPPING 75% commissions per sale.

This is a great product to promote because people who are looking for wedding dresses will more than likely to give the speech as well. What a perfect fit, right. THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 12

You don’t have to settle for this one. There are many product ideas you can find in the ClickBank Marketplace including a wedding joke book, best man speeches, fitness for weddings, wedding planning, wedding photography secrets, wedding MC guide, and so many more.

All of which are great products to promote to the “wedding dress” niche.

The Keyword Method 

Another method for uncovering hot product or niche ideas using the Google search-based keyword tool is by entering a keyword in the search box to reveal all the top searched keyword phrases that contain your main keyword. 
Here is an AMAZING secret tactic for finding what people are looking to buy when they are using the Google search engine.

This is obviously VERY valuable information. If you know what people are looking for, then you can have an instantly successful product idea or affiliate program to join.

In the search-based tool, enter each of the following keywords one at a time to generate a keyword list that features these keywords:

Buy Purchase Order I want

Look at the image below. Notice I used the keyword “buy.” You will also notice all the top keyword phrases that contain the word “buy.” This can be an instant list of HOT product ideas BIG time.THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 13

As you can see from the image, there are a ton of GREAT ideas waiting for you to grab onto.

Frankly, if I were you, I would go after the keyword phrase “buy wii.” Why? The bid price is low for starters, and the monthly searches are about 12,000. If it were me, I would go after this by finding a Cost-Per-Action (CPA) offer that gives away a free wii in exchange for an email or zip code.

There are special networks called CPAs that will pay you based on a specific action like when a web visitor enters their email address or zip code.THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 14

These types of offers usually convert much better than a direct sale commission, only because these offers do not ask the web visitor to buy anything. It’s much easier to get people to enter their email or zip code than getting them to whip out their credit card to buy something.

Here are some top CPA networks:

You can find more by searching Google for “CPA Networks”. And forget to use and to search as well. These search engines usually provide different results than Google and you can uncover some real goldmines you never thought existed.

Finding Ways to Uncover Hot Niche/Product Ideas 

If you are interested in finding more ideas, why not find out what the hottest trends are. Go to and check out the latest trends. If you want to see how much traffic a certain website is getting, go to Type in a website address to see visitors by region and related sites visited. To see really hot trends, just go to You’ll see the top 100 fastest-rising search queries right now. It updates throughout the day. 

Google Zeitgeist 

“Zeitgeist” means “the spirit of the times”, and Google reveals this spirit through the aggregation of millions of search queries we receive every day. This tool gives insight into global, regional, past and present search trends. THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 15 

Building your massive targeted keyword list 

Ok, now that you have a product or niche idea to promote, or perhaps you already have a product created, the next step is to generate a huge list of targeted keywords to get your traffic pump primed for action. 

Google Search-Based Keyword Tool 

Go back to the Google search-based keyword tool to generate keyword lists containing your main keyword. Simply enter your main keyword and then save the file to your computer. 
Next, click the little “magnifying glass” image link beside each relevant keyword in your list. This will take you to another amazing and FREE Google tool called “Google Insights”.

The Google Insights tool is a deeper dive into search query data for marketers and power users. Create your own lists of “most popular” and “fastest rising” queries for different geographic regions over time and by topic.

For example, let’s say you are promoting a product on “Free Web Traffic.” Go to the search-based tool and enter the keyword phrase “web traffic” or simply “traffic.”

Here is what the Google Insights page looks like:THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 16

In the above image you can quickly see the top related search phrases as well as rising searches in the Google search engine. Copy these keywords into a plain text file and save them on your computer.

Continue doing that for all the top searched keyword phrases in your list given from the Google search-based tool.THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 17

Also browse through the categories that are relevant to your product or service to uncover some golden nugget keyword phrases. Each category will give you the top searched terms for that entire category. Grab as many related keywords as possible.

Google Keyword Tool 

The next free Google tool is the famous Google Keyword Tool. You may have seen this tool from many other resources. Simply put it’s one of the BEST keyword tools on the planet. Many top online marketers religiously use this tool to completely dominate their niche. 
There is no need to go out and buy those expensive keyword tools when you have access to a perfectly nice free keyword tool.

Paid tools can come in handy, especially if you want to save some time generating your keyword lists. If this is the way you want to go, I will make a few suggestions near the end of this section.

Go to the free Google Keyword Tool located here: If the link doesn’t work, simply go to and type in “Google Keyword Tool” to quickly find the link.

On the Google keyword tool page do the following:

• Select the “Descriptive words or phrases” radio-button

• Enter your main keyword phrase

• Select the “Use synonyms” checkbox

• Type the characters you see in the picture shown

• Click the “Get Keyword Ideas” button

Here is an image to show how the above process is done: THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 18

Let’s use the keyword phrase “free web traffic”. Here is what came up for me: THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 19THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 20

After you click the “Get Keyword Ideas”, you will be given a large list of targeted and relevant keyword terms. Simply click the “text” link to download the keywords in a plain text file to your computer.

Also do this for the “Additional Keywords to Consider” section.

Next, go through each keyword to make sure it directly applies to your product or service. You will find several keyword terms that are completely useless.

For example, the term “free web counter” and “free web scripts” do not apply. Therefore, remove them from your list.

How to Super-Charge your keyword list 

Now it’s time to build a massive keyword list. Open your saved keyword files, even the ones you generated using other Google tools. 
For each keyword term, enter it into the Google Keyword tool and generate a new list. Do this for every keyword term. At least do this for the keyword terms that have higher traffic volume as given in the “Global Monthly Search Volume” column.

For the Google Traffic Pump system to work, select the keywords that get HIGH traffic, and HIGH competition.

You can also add more data columns to your keyword list by selecting it from the “Choose columns to display” drop-down box as show below:THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 21

Select the “Show Estimated Avg. CPC” to see how much advertisers are spending on these keyword terms. Then grab the keywords with the highest CPC (cost per click).

Try to build a keyword list of at least 300 to 500 keyword terms. Simply open a new plain text file and start copying and pasting all the keywords into one file. Don’t worry about funny characters, duplicate keywords or sorting. I’ll show you a very handy and FREE software tool you can use to clean up your list in seconds. Gotta love free stuff 🙂

So now you should have a single file containing a huge list of 300 to 500 keywords.

Next, let’s clean up this keyword list and find out which of these keywords have the most traffic potential.

I use an amazing free tool called “RevenueWire Keyword Manager.” You can download the software using the following link:

Download keyword manager here

Download and save the to your computer and then extract it. If you do not have a zip utility tool installed on your computer, you can get a free on at

After you have downloaded the software, browse to where you downloaded it and double-click the file. The zip file will open allowing you to extract the contents. Pick a folder where you want the files to go and click Extract files. Here is an image to show how to unzip the file 7-zip: THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 22

Once the file has been extracted, go to the directory or folder, find the KeywordManagerSetup.exe file and double-click it. Follow the installation instructions. After the software is installed, double-click the new icon on your desktop to start the software which looks like this:

After you start the software, click the “Scrub” tab, enter your large keyword list, select the “Remove duplicates”, “Remove extra spaces”, and “Remove characters” checkboxes.

Then click the “Scrub >” button and finally save the output to a text file. Refer to the image below to see how this is done: THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 23

I quickly created a list of 356 keyword terms using the methods described and scrubbed the list down to 288 keyword terms.

Next, you need to reduce your keyword list down to the most important and best traffic-pumping keywords in your list. This can easily be achieved using the free Google Traffic Estimator tool.

Using the Google Traffic Estimator Tool 

In this step, you can find out exactly which keyword terms in your list will bring in the most traffic. 
Go to the Google Traffic Estimator Tool here:

If the above link doesn’t work, simply go to and type in “Google Traffic Estimator Tool” to quickly find the link.THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 24

Enter your scrubbed keyword list into the textbox and select the language and countries that apply to your niche product.

Using our example, I will select “English” and the following countries, “Australia, Canada, US, and UK”. Then click the “Continue” button. See the image below:

On the next page, click the “Estimated Clicks / Day” column title link to sort your keyword list by the predicted number of clicks per day. This gives you a sense of how much traffic you can expect to receive from using these keywords.

Finally save the results to your computer by clicking the “Download as .csv” file as shown in the image below:THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 25

Your new downloaded keyword file should be a comma delimited file (csv). You can open this file using a spreadsheet application such as the Microsoft Excel software or the free OpenOffice Calc application.

Since we are using mostly free tools in this system, I’ll explain how to use the Free Calc software.

The OpenOffice software programs are very similar to the Microsoft’s Office software programs except OpenOffice is FREE.

You can download the entire OpenOffice software suite at:

http://www.openoffice.orgTHE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 26

Go to that page and click the “Download” link near the top. That will take to a page where you can download the entire software suite. It’s about 150 MBs, so it may take a few minutes to download.

After you install the file, go to the start menu and look for OpenOffice > Calc to start the software. Then go to File > Open, and browse to the estimates.csv that you saved.

Select the entire range of cells. You can do this by holding down the SHIFT key on your keyboard; click A1 and then the last right-hand cell that contains data. Then sort the data by the estimated number of daily clicks. When looking at the spreadsheet, the column to do the sorting should be column H. Here is an image to show how to do the sort:

In the sort window, select the sort by column corresponding to the estimated clicks per day, select the “Descending” radio button, and click the “OK” button as illustrated below:THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 27

If there are any rows that contain no data, you can get rid of those rows by holding down the SHIFT key and clicking the left-most row (s). Once you do this right-click and select “Delete Rows”. This will remove all the empty rows. The following image shows how to delete rows. THE GOOGLE TRAFFIC PUMP SYSTEM 28


Here is the direct link to that free Google tool:

STEP 1: Simple Keyword Research for Targeted Traffic



Can you imagine that 15 minutes from now you could be receiving an unlimited number of laser targeted leads, in any niche to any website, and generate a large number of inbound links to your sites using free Google tools.


As hard as it may be to believe, five minutes after reading this document you could have exactly that. This deceptively simple system that I’m about to reveal, utilizes free Google tools that do all the work while you reap all the benefits.         

        This system works extremely well and is responsible for stuffing my bank account with thousands of dollars every month.

But for it to work for you, you must read every page  and then take the appropriate action, for if you take the proper action, you will get free targeted traffic to your website.

I have provided several sections and resources that will not only help pump traffic to your website, but will also boost your sales big time. Some of these methods may require a small start-up fee. I would strongly suggest you wait on those until you have the money to pay for them. Start out with the FREE ones. When you start making good money, you can go after the paid ones.

Without further ado … let’s get started.

© The Google Traffic Pump System All Rights Reserved  


* Google is a trademark of Google Inc. This publication and the products and services offered or recommended in this publication are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Google. 




Please note the information contained within this document is for educational purposes only.This post and all related articles are not the property of the blog owner and have been purchased for publication.  

Every attempt has been made to provide accurate, up to date and reliable complete information no warranties of any kind are expressed or implied. Readers acknowledge that the author is not engaging in rendering legal, financial or professional advice.

By reading any document, the reader agrees that under no circumstances is the author responsible for any losses, direct or indirect, that are incurred as a result of use of the information contained within this document, including – but not limited to errors, omissions, or inaccuracies.


Email Gatekeeper

Think of this list as your gatekeeper

Email checker

 who checks the quality of your campaign. Each email you send has

to answer the gatekeeper’s questions before it’s let out of the gate.

So grab that message you’ve been working on. Wrestle with these questions. Make changes. Do what it

takes to make sure you’re satisfied on each point.

Along the way, consider the question, “Why would my subscribers be interested in reading this?” And see

if your emails prove themselves worthy of being let out of the gate.

1. Which of the following am I trying to accomplish with this email? Do I accomplish it?

• Strengthen my relationships with my existing subscribers

• Sell a product

• Collect new subscribers by giving my readers content they’ll want to forward

• Offer my readers new or exclusive information

• Drive traffic to my website

2. What action do I want my readers to take? Do I offer them too many choices? Do I give them a

reason to act right now?

3. Is my company or brand name included in my “From” line or subject line?

4. Is my subject line concise, compelling and straightforward?

5. Have I asked my subscribers to whitelist me to make sure they get my e-mails?

6. Does my first paragraph compel my readers to read the second?And the next?

7. Is my most important information “above the fold” in case readers don’t scroll down?

8. Is everything linked that should be linked? Product names, images? Do all of the links work?

9. If my message includes images, do I use the standard standard 60% to 40% text-to-image

ratio or the “F” viewing pattern? Does it make sense to do otherwise?

10. Have I included a plain text version for subscribers reading on a mobile device or with images

turned off?

11. How does the HTML version look with images off? Have I included an ALT image tag on each


12. When I choose to display the images, do they load correctly and quickly?

13. Does the message render properly in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iPhone, Hotmail and Apple Mail?

14. Do personalization fields fill in correctly?

15. What is this message’s spam score? Is there anything I should change to lower it?

16. When is the best time to send this out? Are any days of the week or times of the day particularly

appropriate for the content here?

17. Do I want to send this to my whole list or just a segment of it?

18. Do I want to split test this message before I send it to the whole target audience?

19. Should I set this message to automatically post to my Facebook page or Twitter stream?

20. Have I proofread for typos?

Is everything right?

Congratulations! Your email is ready to send.

Run through this list for your next few emails, and you’ll find that you start checking for these things

automatically. Every once in a while, pull it out again to make sure you aren’t forgetting to ask any of these questions.

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Learn How To Use Youtube to promote your business

Watch this video it will help you to understand how internet marketers think and operate.

If you want to succeed Read

If you expect to be massively successful in network marketing or
direct selling, you’ve got to be a SPONGE.


What you read, what you watch and what you listen to will have a
dramatic impact on your overall earnings. 

If you are not constantly reading, listening and absorbing CONTENT
to make you better, you are missing out on one of the most
important elements of success. 

The MORE you KNOW, the BIGGER your CHECK.

Start spending at least 15-minutes a day at a bare minimum reading,
listening and watching stuff that makes you grow. 

I have a HUGE library in my home containing thousands of books and
audio programs that have helped me become the person I am today. 

Here are just a few of the books in my personal library that I
suggest you read.  The titles themselves should motivate you to buy

– Think and Grow Rich
– Enthusiasm Makes the Difference
– The Power of Positive Thinking
The Greatest Secret in the World
As a Man Thinketh
How to Win Friends and Influence People
– The Psychology of Winning
– Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
– Unlimited Power
– Awaken the Giant Within
Influence:  The Psychology of Persuasion

Start going to the bookstore.  Browse the Business section and the
Psychology section.  Start building your library…and do it often. 

Keep a book by your bed.  In fact…keep two. 
Keep one to write in and one to read. 


Buy a journal and begin writing your thoughts,
your ideas and your experiences.  It will make you more.  It will
make you more of a person…and make you more money. 


I have no desire to lead you in the wrong direction.  What sense
would that make for my training business?

If you like what you get from me, and you get results from what I
share with you, you will tell other people.